Monday, 25 June 2012

Short visit to Dar es Salaam

Managed to squeeze in a short visit to Dar es Salaam where I got to meet most of my close friends living there. On Saturday evening I shared 3 kilo of pork (kiti moto) with Victor, Christian and George, I also managed to meet up with my Swedish friend Anders. On the Sunday I briefly met up with Ebenezer and Big Mike, I also got to see Christian's piece of land where he has started constructing a house. The house looked fairly big to me and even had a 'Marcus room' but was referred to as the servant quarter as he has big plans for the future on that land...

Friday, 22 June 2012

Arusha, Tanzania

Midsummer or rather midwinter is celebrated with my sister Debbie in Arusha where she is attending a horse riding competition. She just won one of the dressage classes so guess she is quite good at the silly walks with horse kind of sport, guess this is what inspired John Cleese in the monty python. Staying at a lovely place with some semi wild animals such as the Eland that started flirting with my sister. A very eventful day so far :)

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Nyama choma

Took the game developers for some Kenyan meat feast. 3 kilo of goat meat and still felt like we run a bit short...

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Visit to home of champions, Kenya

From a surprisingly small area in Kenya most of their world class runners has derived. 2400m above sea level on the edge of the rift valley lays the village Iten with beautiful views overlooking the Kerio valley. This site brings runners from all over the world to come and figure out the secret behind the Kenyan success story. Dr Balozi from Chepkoilel University was kind enough to show me around in the neighborhoods of Eldoret. The town of Eldoret is apparently growing at a very fast phase and I was told that most of the new multistory buildings popping up in the city are owned by successful runners.

Eldoret, Kenya

Quite warm so might try the pool for the first time since arrival. Otherwise nice to be back to the home country of my childhood. The work at Chepkoilel University has been going well so far.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Debbie and Etienne, Nairobi

 I met up with my sister with boyfriend in Nairobi yesterday on my way to Eldoret. It was nice to see them and her new house in Karen, I also got to see her four horses which she would not allow me to ride... They took me out for a belayed birthday dinner at a nice place where they even brew their own beer. On my way to Eldoret today I got stuck at the airport for 6 hours as an Egypt Air plane had somehow missed the runway ending up blocking the only runway forever... As far as I understood there was at least no one injured. Once arriving in Eldoret I was taken to the hotel by someone from Moi University, due to the late arrival I did not get to visit the university today.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Birthday in Botlierskop, Mossel Bay

Heidi took me for a real birthday treat over the weekend to Botlierskop Game Reserve. We stayed in a luxury tent and enjoyed a lot of fun activities: game drive, helicopter ride, horse ride, tennis, canoeing and excellent food. A very memorable birthday - THANKS A LOT HEIDI!